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Appreciation is one of the highest vibrational states in which we can live. It is pure and positive and a reflection of unconditional love. True appreciation expresses itself from a state of presence. It is not a mind state, but a deep recognition of the true essence of what is being observed.

As I learn to live in mindful presence, I have discovered the joy of true appreciation. This doesn't result from trying, but from being and allowing. As discussed in my prior post, true peace and presence come from "an uncompromising yes to what is", or full acceptance of the present moment. And from this place comes true appreciation.

Appreciation is different than gratitude, which I would describe as a mind-based feeling. It is positive, but also contains an element of unworthiness. I'm all for gratitude practices, regular mindful identification of all we have to be grateful for, and a general "attitude of gratitude". All of this raises our vibration and takes us out of our issues and problems. And a higher vibration can bring us into alignment with our source, which, when in complete alignment, can also lead us to a state of unconditional love and appreciation.

By whatever means we get there, once we begin to live in a state of presence and acceptance of what is, we can experience the profound state of pure appreciation, seeing the beauty and abundance that surround us from the essence of our being.

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