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Life Sucks

I'm guessing that got your attention, either because you totally agree, or because you think I must be a poor example of a spiritual, mindful personal coach.

I don't really think life sucks, although there are moments where it's hard not to go there. Certain events, for example, like mass shootings, do indeed give me a hopeless, sad, angry feeling about the world. And sometimes circumstances closer to home evoke those same feelings.

But then I'm reminded that I'm ultimately responsible for what I attract into my life experience, and I see the possibilities for making both my inner and outer circumstances better. I have many tools at my disposal to facilitate moving beyond what's 'out there' to my inner knowing that I can attract what I want and need into my experience. I also acknowledge that the external world is but a fraction of what is real and true.

I love the example that Eckhart Tolle used when describing how we experience life's difficulties when we acknowledge our spiritual being-ness, and live in the present moment. He said that our negative experiences are like a lit candle placed in the middle of a room. If the room has all the shades pulled down, and is very dark, the lit candle is very prominent and important. However, if the shades are lifted and light is flooding into the room, the candle light all but disappears, being absorbed by the surrounding light in the room. The candle flame is the same. It has just lost its prominence.

This is what various tools, like EFT and mindfulness practices can do for us. They are the light that puts our troubles into perspective.Today I invite you to throw up the shades and let the light in so that your sorrows, stresses and concerns can fade into the background of a joyful life experience.


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