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My goal for the practitioner-client relationship is one of mutual respect and the utmost regard for my clients. My job is to provide the necessary tools for self-empowerment and ongoing personal work. My vision for the outcome of our work is to provide a safe, comfortable environment in which to work on areas of concern. EFT and mindful presence practices can resolve many  issues, such as anxiety, depression, stress, repressed anger and sleep issues. Often many different issues are emotionally and energetically related, and EFT can be very useful in uncovering the connections, and as a result, resolving many different issues simultaneously.

I am not a medical professional or a psychotherapist (or related licensed professional). My scope of practice is limited to coaching and the energy tools, such as EFT, in which I have been trained. I may suggest a referral to a licensed professional if that seems appropriate based on our work.

Sessions are primarily conducted via Zoom and are typically scheduled for 75 minutes. I keep notes on all sessions and start with a brief assessment of your current emotional state.

Every client relationship begins with a free discovery session, during which we will assess your needs and fit with my coaching approach. Please book your EFT For Everything discovery session now, and I look forward to working with you!

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