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Meet Cheryl

My career has followed, as they say, the long and winding road.


My early career was focused on finance and accounting and I have an undergraduate degree in business. I was very successful in this career and during the last several years my role consisted of mostly managing and mentoring staff, which was by the far the favorite part of my job. This was my first glimpse into my skills and satisfaction in coaching others. After about 30 years in a corporate environment I decided to explore an entrepreneurial opportunity and ended up owning and managing that business for about a dozen years. The business was not a financial success, but it was a learning and growing experience.

The business difficulties I experienced led me down a path of personal and spiritual discovery. This exploration and growth ultimately led me to the discovery of EFT and the educational program to become a certified EFT Practitioner.

I have been thoroughly trained in various EFT techniques and modalities, learned about the science behind the success of these processes, studied the ethics of the client-practitioner relationship and thoroughly practiced the techniques with other students and trainers. I also incorporate presence and mindful living techniques into my coaching.

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