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You Are (not) Great

Updated: May 13

You are great.

You’re successful, in a great relationship, well respected in your field. But…

You’re successful but constantly tired, burned out, and have no time for friends and family. You no longer have much passion for what you do, are afraid that you’re stuck in you’re current position because you’re too tired, too old, too afraid you can’t measure up against younger, technically savvy colleagues.

You’re in a great relationship except for the boredom that has set in. You have a loving marriage and a picture-perfect family, except the one kid who is a constant issue and worry because of his addiction. You’re new guy (latest in the every-few-years-new-guy) is great. He might be “the one”. Except he said that mean thing the other day and you suspect he doesn’t totally respect you. Maybe this is as good as it gets though. You’re so tired of starting over.

You’ve done well financially, except for that bad investment. Now you feel like you are trying to catch up. Worse, you’re afraid. You’re constantly worried about money and second-guessing your judgment.

Does any of this sound familiar? For most of us, one or more of these will sound familiar at some point, and for many of us, one or more of these is a pattern in our life.

The reasons for this vary, but it mostly boils down to our long-held beliefs, many of which we’ve never really consciously thought about.

The good news is that with the right tools we can break free of these beliefs and patterns, and live in peace. Even when others disappoint us, we can learn to accept what we can’t readily change, and we can change a lot more than might seem possible today.

I invite you to explore the possibilities with me. Message me if you’re ready to live your best life.

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