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I’m a coach, whose job is to bring the tools, skills, and concepts to others so they can address issues, eliminate unwanted patterns, and generally transform their lives. As such it can be very difficult to admit to unwanted patterns and painful circumstances in my own life. The term ‘physician heal thyself’ comes to mind. I’ll admit that I sometimes have the “who am I to teach others” kind of feelings.

I value authenticity and transparency so I would never pretend that there aren’t bumps in the road (and sometimes huge boulders) that appear to be obstacles to my peace and joy. But my superpower is I know that ultimately all is well, there is always a way forward, and I need only stay present and awake as life unfolds. I have tools at my disposal to help when the going gets tough and I can’t get out of my own head. These tools, like EFT (tapping) and meditation, help to break the emotional grip of the situation and help me to relax and allow the universe to guide me, rather than spin my wheels trying to control the uncontrollable.

I’m a fan of Adyashanti and listen to his teachings often. One of the principles he discusses is pain as part of the human condition. A concept that I’m embracing (if not 100% consistently) is that although pain, both emotional and physical, is often a fact of our human existence, suffering is completely optional. This idea can be difficult to accept, and even if accepted intellectually, can be difficult to embody in our daily life. Although we can theoretically just decide to drop our stories (and therefore our worries and angst) in an instant, the capacity to do so mostly eludes us. We have been so thoroughly conditioned to respond, react, worry, fret, and try to wrench control of the situation that we truly have no idea how to just let go and be present with what is.

Arguing with what is, or what was, however traumatic or unfair, can only lead to pain. Acceptance, which really means letting go of our stories and interpretations of what it all means, is the only way to peace. Acceptance of exactly where we are gives us the space to listen to our inner knowing, in order to be divinely led along the path that best serves us.

EFT is an effective tool that can release us from our stories that often developed over a lifetime of repeating and reinforcing old hurts, traumas, and patterns. Most of us laid the foundation for our current stories and beliefs through experiences we had before we were old enough to have any discernment. If you are repeating the same painful patterns in your finances, relationships, or other life circumstances, I can help you break free so that you can more easily and peacefully open to new possibilities.

I would venture a guess that when most people think about or hear someone talk about a “spiritual person” a vision of a guru in white flowing robes leaps to mind. I’ve also experienced some combination of puzzled looks, a change of topic, or some comment about religion when explaining that I’m committed to my spiritual growth.

The truth is that spirituality, being spiritual, or seeking spiritual growth or enlightenment means something different to virtually every single person who might describe themselves or their path in this way. Even people who would characterize their path as actively seeking spiritual growth, or having an active spiritual practice can be on very different paths.

For me, being committed to my spiritual growth means living my most authentic and awake life; being open to the truth, as well as the mysteries, of our earthly lives and opening to the peace and joy that is a constant within us all, despite our best efforts to block and resist it.

I’m not a consistent meditator, at least in the ‘sit on a cushion with eyes closed’ traditional sense. But I do make it a practice to be aware and present in my daily life. I have the good fortune to walk near the beach nearly every day and I use that time to listen to spiritual teachings, as well as open myself to my own inner wisdom. And, I use practical tools like EFT when my brain and emotions get the better of me.

The truth is that we are all spiritual beings living a human life. We need only to pause and be present for very short periods each day to begin to recognize this truth in our own lives. Today, if you can do nothing else to access the knowing and peace of your divine nature, at the very least pause when you can to take three mindful breaths. This small action can make a huge difference in your life.


If you’d like to explore how to work with me to live your best life, please message me or visit my website:

Updated: May 13

You are great.

You’re successful, in a great relationship, well respected in your field. But…

You’re successful but constantly tired, burned out, and have no time for friends and family. You no longer have much passion for what you do, are afraid that you’re stuck in you’re current position because you’re too tired, too old, too afraid you can’t measure up against younger, technically savvy colleagues.

You’re in a great relationship except for the boredom that has set in. You have a loving marriage and a picture-perfect family, except the one kid who is a constant issue and worry because of his addiction. You’re new guy (latest in the every-few-years-new-guy) is great. He might be “the one”. Except he said that mean thing the other day and you suspect he doesn’t totally respect you. Maybe this is as good as it gets though. You’re so tired of starting over.

You’ve done well financially, except for that bad investment. Now you feel like you are trying to catch up. Worse, you’re afraid. You’re constantly worried about money and second-guessing your judgment.

Does any of this sound familiar? For most of us, one or more of these will sound familiar at some point, and for many of us, one or more of these is a pattern in our life.

The reasons for this vary, but it mostly boils down to our long-held beliefs, many of which we’ve never really consciously thought about.

The good news is that with the right tools we can break free of these beliefs and patterns, and live in peace. Even when others disappoint us, we can learn to accept what we can’t readily change, and we can change a lot more than might seem possible today.

I invite you to explore the possibilities with me. Message me if you’re ready to live your best life.

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