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We Don’t Have To Agree

I just read a post on someone’s Facebook page that said something to the effect of, “We don’t have to agree on anything in order to be kind”.

I couldn’t agree more. There is so much disagreement in the world on so many subjects; macro issues like religion, politics, sexual orientation, guns, parenting, and I’m sure you can come up with many more topics. That doesn’t even consider the many different ideas and opinions we all have and express in our daily personal interactions.

The quote above applies whether we are considering religious ideals across countries, or debating who last washed the dishes in our own home. Where is it written that if we disagree with someone that we cannot still show them kindness and compassion? I believe that we as individuals, nations and religions get too caught up in being “right”. It seems to me that we should be happy in our own ideas and convictions without the need for even one single other person agreeing with us.

There may be times when we are more or less forced to deal with some rule or situation that we do not necessarily agree with. However, we are always fully in control of our own thoughts and feelings. No matter what, we can always choose to respond with love and compassion.

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