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The Sound of Silence

Recently a friend of mine shared with me a lovely little piece he wrote on the beauty of solitude. While I could appreciate the beauty of his prose, his appreciation for solitude differs a bit from mine.

I am alone quite a bit and I have spent a lot of time over the past few years getting to know myself and cultivating self love. I think I have done a pretty good job of it, but, being a true extrovert, I draw my energy from others and need their company – at least sometimes. I am also very social, and just like to meet and talk to other people.

Then, this morning I was walking alone near the beach, a walk I usually take with a friend, but she was otherwise engaged. While I was silently giving thanks for the beauty of the morning, I was also struck by my appreciation for my solitude and the peace I felt in it.

In this space I had a rather surreal moment where I felt a profound silence all around me, even though I could still hear the sounds of my surroundings. Hard to explain, but I was able to embrace the true feeling of pure solitude with myself and the Source within me, and it was a truly spiritual experience.

Thank you to my friend for planting that thought in my heart and to my divine nature for the experience. I wish you that same peace today.

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