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Re-defining 'Fine'

I read a lovely essay the other day, written by a woman whose husband was dying of a terminal illness. At one point during a conversation with her husband, he tried to reassure her, saying "everything will be fine - actually, everything is fine." When she protested, he said, "you just have to change your perception of fine".

Now, that might sound like an invitation to ignore, sugar-coat, or put a happy face on a pretty awful situation. As I thought about that concept, however, I realized that he was absolutely correct. Everything in our experience is fine. We are all experiencing life in a way that is perfect for us. Of course, in our limited understanding, it is hard to agree that what we think of as really terrible life events are fine.

Whether we are personally experiencing some particularly difficult life situation, or witnessing the suffering of others, it can be hard to accept that in the great, infinite, perfect 'All-That-Is', everything is indeed precisely as it should be. Each experience and event is in fact the exact thread required to weave that particular swatch of the cosmic tapestry. We can have faith that our experiences are 'fine' precisely because that is what has unfolded in our experience.

When we look at our lives through the lens of eternity, we realize that each moment of each life experience is a part of a perfect expansion of an infinite universe. In the eternity of our individual soul, we are constantly growing, learning and expanding, and no experience is final. We are all contributing to the eternal perfection of the perfect One, of which we are all a part. From this perspective, we are all fine.


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