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Miracles and Abundance All Around

“There are only two ways to live your life. One as though nothing is a miracle, the other as though everything is a miracle.”- Albert Einstein

Sometimes I find it useful to remind myself of the beautiful, abundant, and miraculous nature of the universe. Our very existence as a human being is one of the most miraculous events of all. First, just imagine all the individual circumstances of each set of your ancestors coming together, having their children, and eventually leading to your parents coming together to create the unique human being that is you.

As if that isn’t mind-bending enough, let’s explore the actual creation of a human baby. We all understand that any animal gestation results, at its most basic level, from the division of cells. But consider this; not only do the cells divide and divide and divide, eventually resulting in roughly 30 trillion cells in a human adult, but each new cell knows what it is supposed to become and do. During the nine months that a human baby is in the womb, cells divide, but also know how to become legs and arms and brains and hearts and all the other organs. Mind-bending indeed.

Then, consider the stars in our sky. Beautiful to see, but so numerous and vast that it is impossible for our little pea brains (or mine at least) to comprehend. Our Milky Way alone contains over 100 billion stars, one being our sun that is placed in the perfect place to support life on earth. In total, scientists predict that our universe has about one septillion stars. That’s a one followed by 24 zeroes. Again, impossible to understand. And that’s not even discussing the vast distances involved.

I’ll highlight just one other example for your consideration. There are about 380,000 known species of plants. Our planet hosts about 3,700 species of bromeliads alone. The one you are likely most familiar with is the pineapple. I remember first seeing this information posted while admiring the plants in the Balboa Park Botanical Building. At the time I was amazed, never having considered the immensity of the varieties of flora on our planet. To this day, I continue to be impressed and awed by this statistic.

I hope you’ll take time today to ponder the wonder of this miraculous universe and appreciate all the beauty we’ve been given to freely enjoy every day.

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