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Growing Through Adversity

We have all experienced what we would call adversity at one time or another in our lives. Some of us have experienced one or more very traumatic events or circumstances that led to pain and suffering.

I too have experienced traumas both minor and severe throughout my life, and I'm now blessed to find the beauty in what has been born from these events and life situations, especially over the past several years.

Adversity led me to seek and find several different spiritual and energetic teachers and authors, through whom I have developed a deep understanding of living a life of surrender and acceptance of what is. This allows me to be at peace when challenging situations arise, especially when there is little I can physically do to change or influence the situation.

I'm certainly not "there" all of the time. Like everyone I have my days, but for the most part there is an acceptance and peace with whatever is happening outwardly. Also, in this mindfully present state, I am much more likely to think clearly about next steps, and to relinquish any attempt to control the uncontrollable, which can only lead to suffering.

I am eternally grateful that the long and often winding path of my life has brought me precisely to the place I am in now. I am enjoying this journey of growth and spiritual expansion. And I especially appreciate that I now have the ability to serve others through the understanding I've developed.

Wherever you are today in your life's journey, I wish for you the growth that comes from living all of life's adventures. And I wish you peace in the acceptance of what is.


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