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Are You Growing?

“The (wo)man who views the world at 50 the same as (s)he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of (her) his life.”- Muhammad Ali

I saw this quote the other day and have been pondering its wisdom. As a person who has been pretty committed to learning and growing throughout my life, I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment.

My early life was very small. It consisted of a small group of friends, school, church, and my family. We were not well off and didn’t travel, or really do much of anything at all. My social activities revolved around my church, and I eventually became the youth group president. All the way up through my high school years I had very limited visibility to other religions, races, or political views.

After an eye-opening incident that resulted in me resigning my church membership when I was 21, I started to re-examine my spiritual beliefs. Simultaneously I was working full-time at an office job and began going to college at night. Slowly, slowly my horizons began to broaden. Over time, I learned more, grew in my world view, got an education, and became much more informed about the world. For many years, this mostly happened organically, with very little intentionality.

Once I finished my degree (eight long years after I started) I followed a pretty traditional path of pursuing a career, getting married, and having a family. It wasn’t until I began experiencing bouts of depression and anxiety that I decided I had to address some pretty serious childhood trauma. I won’t go into the whole long and winding road I experienced for many years, but what ultimately happened was I was led to further seek a deeper understanding of universal truths, spirituality, and healing modalities.

After travelling down this road for some time now, my world view, the way I think about my life, and my (limited) understanding of our role here on earth as powerful spiritual beings, looks nothing like the views I held 30 years ago. And, although life continues to present me with evidence that I certainly don’t have it all figured out, I’m very proud of my continued growth. I know it’s my purpose to help others who are willing to grow and evolve too.

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